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Good News!

October 23, 2012

I just got home from my appointment with my doctor to get the results of my ultrasounds from last week.

Here’s the good news: I do NOT have breast or ovarian cancer! Hallelujah! Praise be to God!

Here’s the not-so-good-but-could-be-much-worse news: I do have some abnormality with the lining of my uterus and some debris in one of my ovaries. I’ll be having diagnostic laparoscopy on November 17th to find out more and determine the next step. I may end up having a hysterectomy before it’s all said & done, but we’re not at that point yet.

Thanks to all who have offered prayers and been so generous with your kind words of support.

On the eve of my 36th birthday, I realize more than ever that I am blessed beyond measure.

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  1. October 23, 2012 5:09 PM

    Praise God!!!


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