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Our Christmas Angel

December 4, 2012

I was so excited when I stumbled upon The Christmas Angel at Books-A-Million a few weeks ago.  As much as the hoopla about the Elf on the Shelf annoys me, I know that it’s exciting for kids.  The Christmas Angel is a great alternative for those of us who don’t “do Santa.”  Basically, the angel comes every morning and leaves a note for the kids of something to do that is in the true Christmas spirit of giving.

Our Angel showed up on December 1st.  We read the story that came in the box and the kids and I decided to name her Christy.

Dec 1


Dec 3Dec 2

The next morning, we woke up at Lala’s after spending the night there.  Christy was nestled into her Santa collection with a note telling us to make something at the church Advent fair to give to someone else.

On December 3rd, Christy was found hanging out in Caleb’s Cub Scout uniform.  Her note suggested that he share joy and love in the Christmas parade.  Nola had a note too – telling her to give her brother a big hug so he would know how much she loves him.

Dec 4

 This morning when the kids woke up, there was a pile of gifts on the table with Christy. Her note explained that the gifts were for the family that we adopted for Christmas.  Caleb had a little bit of a hard time with there being gifts that weren’t for him, but after a little talk with Rudy, he really had a change of heart.  He was excited to share!  We spent some time wrapping the gifts together tonight and the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Dec 5

Tomorrow morning, Christy will greet the kids with 2 big laundry baskets.  Her note says it’s time to GIVE to kids in need.  Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to clean out toys and find ones that we can donate.  That will be an easier task for Caleb than for Nola, but I’m sure we’ll manage.

I’m loving this new way of celebrating Advent with a Christ-centered focus.  The kids seem to like it too.  Christy has been a welcomed addition to our family this December!

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