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I Have a Blog?

December 26, 2012

You know what they say about good intentions, right?  Well – the road to an almost abandoned blog is truly paved with them.  I can’t count how many times I’ve thought about sitting down to write, but something always seems to keep me from doing it.  I haven’t written a regular post since this summer.  There have been a few posts here and there about some things that I felt I needed to write about, but my family posts have just been nonexistent.  There’s absolutely no way I can go back and write about everything we’ve done since the summer, so I’ll just do a few recaps to hit the highlights & share some of my most telling Facebook statuses…


2nd – FB status:  "Everyone said potty training a girl would be so much easier than a boy. "Everyone" never met Nola Mae." 

4th – We went to a Fourth of July party with my family at my Aunt Harolyn’s house.  The kids swam and had a great time.

5th – FB status:   “In the past 2 weeks, Caleb has asked for another baby (no!) and if we could trade Nola for a dog (maybe…)."

8th – Rudy and I went to lunch together after church.  The kids went home with my parents just because they could.  While we were having lunch, Rudy and I started talking about needing a getaway weekend before the craziness of football season started.  We batted around the idea of going to New Orleans for a few days.  The more we talked about it, the more appealing it sounded.  After talking to mom to make sure they could watch the kids, we booked a flight and started planning our trip for later that week!

10th – FB status: "I just registered Caleb for 1st grade in the school district where I went to junior high. Surreal."

Also on the 10th… I was offered 2 jobs!  I took the job offer from First Step.  I’m working with children from birth to 5 and I really like it.  It’s a preschool setting with no travel and very little take-home work.  I turned down an offer from Lake Hamilton School District because it’s quite a drive from my house, it was with older kids (not my strength) and I just really felt better suited for the FStep job.

11th – Rudy and I flew to New Orleans!  We spent 3 nights there and had a wonderful time.  We ate and drank and enjoyed the sights and sounds of our favorite city.  Rudy found a new favorite food – charbroiled oysters – at Drago’s.  058

We took a post-Katrina tour that was absolutely heart-wrenching.  To see the waterlines and X’s on the houses and escape holes in roofs 6 years after that dreadful tragedy was horrible.  We were absolutely amazed at the resilience of the people who survived that storm and its aftermath and even in the middle of the place where it happened, it was hard to imagine the reality of it. 

On a somewhat happier note, we had the experience of a lifetime while we were there.  Just a few days before we went, one of NOLA’s legendary musicians, “Uncle” Lionel Batiste, passed away.  As is the tradition there, a second line was planned to celebrate his life.  We heard about the second line and I just could not miss the opportunity to see it.  We didn’t plan to become a part of it, but couldn’t help ourselves when the chance presented itself.  There were hundreds of people in the line, singing and dancing through the streets of the French Quarter and Treme’ and we ended up right in the middle of it – singing and dancing right along with them.  (My feet and legs were sore for days afterwards!) 



We didn’t take this video, but I found it on YouTube.  It’s hard to believe that Rudy and I were in the middle of that crowd somewhere. 

16th – Rudy started his new job as the middle school band director at Lakeside.  He is primarily responsible for the 6th and 7th grade bands, but also assists with the other bands as well.

The 16th was also Caleb’s first day at Family Farm camp.  He rode the bus from Lakeside to the camp just outside of Malvern.  He loved it!  He won a whole bunch of daily awards every day that he was there.  The camp finale was on the 19th.  It was 109* outside, but Mom, Pepapa, Rudy, Nola and I sat out in the heat to support our camper.  Here he is with his counselor, Miss Kinsey:

Ms Kinsey

20th-23rd – Becca and Maddox were in town, so we spent a lot of time with them.  We went out of the lake, played in the pool and took “the boys” to Mid America Science Museum for some air-conditioned fun. 


23rd – Nola quote of the day: "Doggone it, Caleb, you make me angry!"

I started the 3-day potty training method with Nola that day.  We bought NEW big girl panties, gave our diapers and pull-ups to “baby Grayson” and bribed her with a Barbie doll.  We went cold turkey and even stopped wearing pull-ups at night.  I deemed her officially potty trained on the 26th, but we’ve had some setbacks here and there since then.  I’m glad to say it’s now December 26th and hasn’t had more than an occasional accident in quite a while.   undiesIMG_5057IMG_5062

26th – Caleb: "Dear God, please turn on the air conditioner outside."

28th – My sweet friend Stacy and her daughter Alivia came to see us for the weekend.  We had so much fun!  Mr L took us out on the boat and we tubed and swam in the lake.  The kids (and grown-ups) had a blast!




29th – We moved our church membership to First United Methodist Church of Hot Springs on the same day as Jimmy & Kim.


31st – FB status:  "Nola Mae starts her new preschool tomorrow. She’s so excited to go to "big girl school" where there’s a dog, a turtle, a guinea pig, a playground, and all of her "best friends" (who she hasn’t met yet). I’m sure going to miss spending my days with that little mess."

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