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August 2012

December 27, 2012

Continuing in fast-forward mode through the 2nd half of 2012…

1st – Nola’s first day at her new preschool.


3rd – Caleb and I spent the whole day together!  We went over to Little Rock to do a little shopping, had lunch with Libby and then saw Brave at the theater.  It was a great date day with my favorite 6-year-old.


6th – I started my new job with 2 full days of orientation & Rudy started summer band. 

10th – Jan and Bill came to Hot Springs for the weekend.  While the boys were playing golf Saturday morning, Jan and I took the kids downtown to see the springs and go in some shops.007009

Later that day, we went out on the boat with Mom & MrL and got pizza at Hawg’s.


14th – Our Razorback football season tickets arrived.  We were thrilled!  Little did we know we would end up going from starting the season ranked #10 in the nation to being unranked and not even bowl eligible.

16th – I took Nola to open house at her preschool.  Even though she had already started going, I wanted to have a chance to meet her teachers and see how things were going.  She loves her school so much!


After Nola’s open house, we went across the street for Caleb’s.  He was a little nervous – and I was too.  It was so strange being an “outsider” at the school after being part of the faculty at schools for years.  Caleb loved seeing his classroom, meeting his teacher and finding his desk. We took his teacher a Tervis tumbler with some flowers in it and I bought Caleb a Rams jersey and a t-shirt so he’d be ready for school! 



17th – "Caleb: "My back itches."
Me: "You have a bug bite."
C: "It feels like just a nibble.""

18th – C: "It still itches"
H: "I know. It’s a bug bite"
C: "It has a bump, like my other nibbles"
H: "What other nibbles?"
C: "These – on my chest."
H: "Those aren’t nibbles, they’re nipples."
That was the point when I had to walk away.

20th – Caleb’s first day of first grade!

1st Day of School 8.20.12 with label

 1st Day of School 8.20.12 (4)1st Day of School 8.20.12 (6)1st Day of School 8.20.12 (8)1st Day of School 8.20.12 (27)


I wanted to take Caleb to school on his first day, so we left the house super-early.  We stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s and ate it in the parking lot to beat the mad rush of traffic.  1st Day of School 8.20.12 (28)

When the doors opened at 7:15, I walked him into the cafeteria.  He was calm, cool & collected, so I felt a lot better about it.  He told me he was fine, so I left him there.  I pulled out of the parking lot with a lump in my throat, but didn’t shed any tears. 

After school, he rode the bus over to the after school care program at Nola’s daycare.  I couldn’t wait to see him and find out how his day went!  His report:  "We did some math problems. I didn’t make any friends because nobody knows me. There was one kid in my class who yells a lot and he got on yellow. At recess, I played on the slides because it was crowded on the playground and people were bumping into each other."  The most important part?  He liked his new school and was ready to go back on Tuesday.

21st – Caleb told me that his favorite part of his new school is the port-a-potty on the playground.  It’s there because it’s too far for the kids to go back into the building to go to the bathroom. 

27th – Rudy went to Little Rock with the band for the Hooten’s Classic Kickoff game.

30th -  Perdí mi diente en la clase de español hoy. (I lost my tooth in Spanish class today!)


31st – We left right after school for Northwest Arkansas.  We went up for the first Razorback game of the season and stayed with Nana.  Jan came in for the weekend too & kept Nola while Rudy, Caleb and I went to the game.  Pictures to come in the September post!

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