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September 2012

December 29, 2012

Most of September was a blur of football games, homework and regular everyday life.  Here’s what I remember…

1st –

We started September off on a good note with the first Razorback football game of the season.  We stayed at Nana’s house in Rogers. Jan and Bill came over from Tulsa for the weekend and Nola stayed with them while we went to the game.  The Hogs beat Jacksonville State and it was a great Labor Day weekend!

016 063038012

3rd – Rudy & I traded in my 2008 GMC Acadia for a 2012 Buick Enclave.

7th – The first Lakeside football game.  Caleb was SO excited to wear his jersey to school.  I even splurged and got Nola a cheer uniform.   She wore it to daycare, but not the game b/c she said she didn’t like it.


The kids were hilarious at the game.  I managed to snag video of both of them dancing to the band:

8th – Caleb, Rudy and I went to Little Rock for the Razorback football game.  It was a disaster.  The Hogs got beat by Univ Louisiana – Monroe and 3 of our players were seriously injured.  We came home exhausted, shocked and heartbroken.
13th – Rudy and I took the kids to the Garland County fair to see the animals and ride the rides.  They had a blast!
County Fair 9.13.12 (11)County Fair 9.13.12 (12)County Fair 9.13.12 (67)
14th – I spent all weekend with Mom getting the kids’ outgrown clothes ready for the Rhea Lana sale.  I made over $300!  The Hogs got annihilated by Bama.
19th – I found out that my precious Poppie was in the hospital and not doing well.  His congestive heart failure had worsened and he was very, very sick.  I spent a few very emotional days dealing with the fact that he was very far away in New York and I couldn’t go hold his hand.  I am very grateful that he was able to go home after that hospital stay (and that I got to go see him in October)!
22nd – Rudy and I spent the day together in Little Rock.  We shopped and had lunch and dinner.  It was a great date day/night.  The Hogs lost to Rutgers.  All hope was pretty much lost for the season.  My FB status:  I was frustrated after ULM. I was irritated after Bama. I’m disgusted after Rutgers. And to think – we get to play 8 more teams!”
26th – Caleb had his first Cub Scout meeting.  Rudy and I debated a lot about whether or not to let him do scouts.  We really like the skills they teach and some of their lessons, but we really have a problem with their policies against gay rights.  After quite a bit of thought, we decided to let him do it.  Rudy is with him for all scout activities, so  we know what he’s learning.  If we disagree with anything, we’ll make sure to respond appropriately.
27th – FB status: Greatest moment of my day: Nola “writing” spelling words alongside Caleb at the kitchen table. They both had a great day & that makes my heart happy.
28th – I started off my day by sideswiping our brick mailbox with my 3-week-old car.  I was NOT the best day ever, but it ended with Nola telling me, “I love you with my heart,” which was pretty amazing.
29th – We hosted a cookout and watch party at our house for my family to thank them for helping us move and settle into our new home in Hot Springs. The Hogs lost again…to Texas A&M.
Watch Party 9.29.12 (4)
Watch Party 9.29.12 (2)Watch Party 9.29.12 (9)
30th – I flew to Vegas for a pediatric feeding conference.  Rudy kept the kids and mom/Mr. L. helped out.  It was a much-needed break from reality for a few days.
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