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Halloween 2012

January 5, 2013

Ahh…Halloween.  I chose an 80’s prep costume this year.  Rad, huh?


After work, I high-tailed it to Nola’s daycare to catch the end of her party.  They had games on the front lawn and then went inside for snacks.  Caleb’s class had their party the day before and I couldn’t be there, but he said that was okay.

Nola's Halloween Party 10.31.12 (7) copyNola's Halloween Party 10.31.12 copy

We love Nola’s teachers!  Mrs. Bre left after Halloween, so she’s not with us, but she still works with Mrs. Jamie and Mrs. Chris every day.  They have been so patient and loving with her and we know they are the reason that she amazes us with her knowledge so often!

Nola's Halloween Party 10.31.12 (25) copy Nola's Halloween Party 10.31.12 (30) copy 2Nola's Halloween Party 10.31.12 (29) copy

After Nola’s party, Caleb arrived for after school care, so we all left from there.  We weren’t sure how Halloween would play out in Hot Springs.  We LOVED trick-or-treating in our Rogers neighborhood!  We decided that since we don’t really live in a neighborhood and my parents don’t really live in a neighborhood that we would take our t-or-t party over to Pepapa & Anna Joyce’s house.  I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to get some fall pictures of the kids before we went trick-or-treating.

Fall Pics at Lockes 10.31.12 (21) copy 2 Fall Pics at Lockes 10.31.12 (87) copy 2Fall Pics at Lockes 10.31.12 (19) copy

And a couple of shots of the kids with their grandparents and great-grandparents…

Fall Pics at Lockes 10.31.12 (98) copyFall Pics at Lockes 10.31.12 (100) copy 2

After holding the idea of trick-or-treating over their heads to get just a few decent shots (okay, I bribed them!), we stripped the kids out of their pictures clothes and put on their costumes.  Even with the pitiful Razorback football season, the kids were super cute as a football player and a cheerleader.  (We only briefly contemplated putting paper bags over their heads to be funny.)

Halloween 2012 (26) copy 2 Halloween 2012 (60) copyHalloween 2012 (18) copy

Thanks to Anna Joyce and Pepapa for hosting a hauntingly good time…

Halloween 2012 copy

After the kids t-or-t’d in their neighborhood for a little while, I took Caleb to another neighborhood where I thought there would be a lot of activity.  We hit the jackpot!  It was a great night, I have to admit I’m looking forward to the day that we live in an actual neighborhood where we can stay home!

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