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November 2012

January 5, 2013

3rd – The boys went to deer camp for the weekend.  Nola and I enjoyed a little girly spa time!IMG_4065

6th – Election Day!  This was a particularly nasty election and I found myself biting my tongue a lot to keep from turning friends into enemies.  It seems that I’ve managed to amass a number of friends whose politics are a complete 180 from mine.  Nevertheless, politics are simply politics.  I was happy with the outcome of the election and I’m excited to see what President Obama’s 2nd term brings us.

A middle-of-the-night Nolaism…

N: The big bad wolf is gonna blow our house down.

Me: The big bad wolf isn’t real. He’s pretend.

N: (with an expression of complete shock) He’s not? For real? That is amazing.

9th – The boys were at deer camp (again!), so Mom, Nola, and I drove over to LR for the Holiday House.  We shopped ’til we dropped and then shopped some more.  But…we made a big dent in our Christmas shopping!

10th – Mom, Nola and I drove down to deer camp for some outdoor fun.  We sat by the campfire, watched some football and just relaxed.  Here are my hunters…

Deer Camp 11.10.12 (11) copy  Deer Camp 11.10.12 (12) copy

Nola just wanted to play outside!

064 copy 9

Deer Camp 11.10.12 (21) copy Deer Camp 11.10.12 (19) copy

16th – I got the ultimate Mom gift:  a weekend alone at home!  The boys went back to camp and Mom took Nola for the weekend.  I spent the weekend crafting and getting things done that I needed to get done.  It was awesome.

18th – Nola blew me away with this:

22nd – Thanksgiving!  We were in Rogers for Thanksgiving this year.  We stayed in a hotel because the house was so full of people, but it worked out great because there was an indoor pool for the kids.  Jan & Bill, Kathy, Nana, Doug & Lisa, Chris & Josh, Rudy, the kids and I had a really great traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

238 copy265 copy

I’m so thankful for these two turkeys.  What are they thankful for?  Well, I asked them…

Caleb: “I’m thankful for God.”

   Nola: “I’m thank you for Halloween, milk, and goats.”

226 copy 229 copy

The day after Thanksgiving, Rudy, Bill & Caleb went to the Hogs vs. LSU game.  Nola and I met my sweet friend Kerrie for lunch.


24th – We drove home to Hot Springs with a short stop in Spiro to see Grandma and Grandpa Morris.  IMG_0003 IMG_0002

Whew…almost caught up.  On to December!

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