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October 2012 – NY Trip

January 5, 2013

After my grandfather’s health scare in September, I was bound and determined to get to New York to see him.  It cost a fortune for all 4 of us to fly up there and back, but the trip itself was priceless.  We left on October 25th with two of the cutest little travelers in the airport.

027025 copy 9

We flew from LR -> ATL -> DET -> Elmyra, NY. The first let from LIT -> ATL was awesome!  Both kids had fun and were intrigued by the idea of flying.  After that, things got a little rougher.  Nola got bored, nobody napped, the airports were crowded and our gates were far apart.  It was just an exhausting day.   Caleb did great.  He was entertained by his technology and his toys and was a happy camper for the most part.  Nola wanted to get up and move.  I spent the majority of my day trying to keep her from bothering other people.

New York Trip 10.25.12 New York Trip 10.25.12 (6)

The first day that we were there, Uncle Ron took Rudy, the kids and I to nearby Watkins Glen State Park.  It was great to get outside and move around after being cooped up inside planes and airports the day before.  We took the kids for pizza, a hike at the park, a little time in a local shop and then ice cream.

New York Trip 10.25.12 (71)

049  New York Trip 10.25.12 (54)

The second day we were there, we went to a nearby pumpkin patch, where we chose some great pumpkins to carve and took a hayride!

New York Trip 10.25.12 (148)New York Trip 10.25.12 (128) New York Trip 10.25.12 (121)New York Trip 10.25.12 (95)

The kids enjoyed carving our pumpkins, which we left on the front porch for Halloween…

New York Trip 10.25.12 (177)

One afternoon, we went to the Corning Museum of Glass, where we saw some pretty amazing pieces of art, then Caleb and I made suncatchers in the glass studio.

New York Trip 10.25.12 (151) New York Trip 10.25.12 (157)

And, of course – we spent lots of time visiting with Memmie and Poppie!

New York Trip 10.25.12 (194) New York Trip 10.25.12 (88)

We came home on the 28th, with a little bit easier flight schedule.  We were glad to be home, but it sure was a great trip.  We were so grateful to Ron, Mary, Memmie and Poppie for opening their home to us and showing us a great time.

** We were glad to find out in the days after we left that Hurricane Sandy did not affect the Hatch family other than some heavy rain.  That was a scary forecast to see as we were packing our bags!

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