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December 2012…part one

January 6, 2013

Whew – almost caught up!!!

2nd – We were honored to be asked to light the first Advent candle at church. The kids looked so sweet in their Christmas outfits.

IMG_4303 IMG_4312

That evening, we went to the Advent fair at church, where they made all kinds of crafts and listened to a Christmas book.  Look at my cuties snuggled up and listening so intently.  You’d never know that 5 seconds later, they were rolling around on the floor distracting everyone in the room.

IMG_4317  156

A Nolaism:  ‎9:15 – After almost 2 hours in bed, Nola comes to the living room & sits down beside me.    Me: “Whatcha’ doing, Nola?”     N: “I’m just going to chill out here for a little bit.”

3rd – Caleb rode in the the Cub Scout float in the Hot Springs Christmas parade.  Rudy had to walk with the band, so it was up to me to stay with Caleb.  Nola and I rode in the back of the truck that pulled the trailer.  Caleb loved being in the parade!


6th – We took the kids to see Santa at Garvan Gardens!  Nola told him that she wants “3 Barbies and a present.”  Caleb keeps asking for a skateboard, even though he knows he’s not going to get one!

 Gardens & Santa 12.6.12 (20)

Since we don’t pretend that Santa is real, we talked to the kids before we went just to remind them that Santa is fun, but he’s not really the one who brings us presents.  We really try to encourage them to understand that they don’t get Christmas gifts because they are “good” or “bad,” but because we love them and want to celebrate the birth of Jesus with them.

IMG_6250  Gardens & Santa 12.6.12 (38)

7th – After school, Mom and Mr. L took the kids and I to see the gingerbread house and Santa at the Arlington Hotel.  Nola was excited to see Santa again, which surprised me.

 061 076

8th – Rudy and I went to a Christmas party at the Laytons’ house.

9th – Rudy’s band had their Christmas concert and it was great!  That evening, he played in the church Christmas concert as well.  Busy day!

12/12/12 Tweet:  no poopy pants kids, I had time for lunch, and a tube-fed child pulled a spoon to her mouth for a bite for the 1st time #luckyday

13th – Caleb: “Mama, I didn’t want to have to tell you this, but I have a girlfriend. Her name is Stormie. She’s in kindergarten and she rides my bus. I just asked her and she said yes.” Oh my…”

14th – A horrible day.  A sick person entered an elementary school in Connecticut and killed 26 people, including 20 kindergarteners and first graders.  I spent the better part of the night in absolute shock, outrage and mourning for those babies and the adults who were killed while trying to protect them.

15th – My kitchen assistant and I made Christmas cookies for our neighbors!


17th – FB status:  I was NOT prepared for my sweet 6-yr-old to ask me, “Mama, is it okay to kiss a girl right after she starts being your girlfriend?” I bet y’all can guess my answer!”

18th – Nola:  “Mama, why your hair turning chocolate?”

19th – I got my hair cut & colored.  (Coincidence?)

20th – Major 1st grade mom drama:  I am mor-ti-fied!!! I showed up at Caleb’s party with 4 great games planned for the kids. I even had prizes. Turns out I was supposed to bring drinks. I am in charge of games for Valentine’s and Easter…NOT Christmas. The room mom rolled her eyes at me and texted her husband who showed up with 2 boxes of Capri Suns. Minor in the big scheme of problems, but embarrassing nonetheless.  

Oh, well…Caleb’s party was fun anyway.

033 020

After that was Nola’s Christmas program.  She was so excited about seeing her friends outside of school and getting to sing her songs.  Her favorite part was the jingle bells that she got to ring the whole time.

038 068 060

Nola was excited to have fans in the audience for her big performance!


21st – Nola’s Christmas party at school.




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